Of Hobart, Venetian Blinds, Good Pizza, and Makeup

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Date: 15 June 2007 13:17:20

Hobart on the long weekend. Salamanca Markets - awesome. Finding a laundry sink - cool! Peppermint Bay Cruise - outstanding!!! More details to follow (it's Friday night, I've had a rather large red wine and a very nice pizza and I can't be bothered).

Venetian blinds have gone up in the kitchen - yay for handy husband and half price sales :) - they look great, and I think will make an enormous difference to the temperature of the house - it was less than 5C in here yesterday morning - nasty!

Good pizza was had at La Porchetta in Burnie - excellent!

Makeup - inspired by Deeleea's latest pic in the 365 days project .... ladies (and gentlemen?) do you put your eyeshadow on before or after your eyeliner and mascara? I've always put the eyeliner and mascara on first, then the eyeshadow ... Deeleea appears to go eyeshadow first ... what do you do?