Of big burnings

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Date: 19 June 2007 11:21:49

Many moons ago Mr Tasmania planted some trees at the top of our block (well before it was OUR block). They grew well. They grew VERY well. In fact, they were enormous! (Nitins ... eucalypts grown for plantations.)

Last year Mr Tasmania had them all chopped down and taken away, as the constant leaves dropping were giving him ... how shall I put it ... the sh*ts. Only stumps and the heads were left. The heads were pushed into an enormous pile and left to their own devices.

Over time, the heads have shrunk - but not greatly - and dried. So after church yesterday Mr Tasmania and Miss Lisa sallied forth in the mighty Starlet, struck a match and stood back as the biggest bonfire they've ever seen took off like a rocket! Miss Lisa is quite impressed with herself as she lit it in exactly the right place and it burned properly, against the wind, and burnt thoroughly, turning all in its path to ash.

It was still going last night - but only the last bits and pieces - and it should be almost finished by tonight. We will have a friend put the last horrible black bits mixed with dirt in his big truck and he can haul it away and then we can begin to see our ‘view' ... mind you, at this point the view takes in the silly neighbour who I am unimpressed with so we will be planting a row of pittosporums down that fence line - hopefully we will choose the correct ones, there is such a variety - which will grow to about 2m tall and block them out, whilst retaining our view of Table Cape.

Burning things (things you are allowed to burn, I might add!) is very satisfying.

It greatly took my mind of my shocking toothache. I have booked into three, yes three dentists and am on their cancellation lists, so it'll be first in best dressed. There are not many dentists in North-West Tasmania, and they're all booked solid, so if any dentists out there are looking for a country lifestyle, with decent shops not too far away, four seasons, and a ready market for their skills, here is the place to be!

I have had trouble with this tooth before and the previous dentists insisted on filling it, then fiddling about with the fillings - I just want it taken out - and hopefully that's what the new dentist will do. It's the back tooth, upper left, I honestly, truly, will not miss it, trust me!

To add to my joy I experienced my first ever massive sinus attack at the same time, also on the left hand side of my head. Poor Mr Tasmania had a very upset and in pain girly to deal with at 2 in the morning - but he did very very well, what a legend.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be one tooth down and very happy!