Of house building, cold weather, and other bits and bobs

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Date: 19 June 2007 11:25:43

I haven't really written about our trip to Hobart yet either .. . must get to that!

This blog, I think, will start turning into a House building blog before too long - hope you don't mind!

There is a lot to do so we're busy making lists and looking things up and researching - we still haven't really made a decision whether to go with a builder or owner build so if any Ozzie bloggers / readers have any suggestions - let us know!

We have an enormous pile of design magazines and bits of paper we've pulled out of newspapers and other mags - not to mention all the brochures we've been picking up from shows, trade fairs, stands in supermarkets, the hardware store - I have bought a couple of scrapbooks and am planning on spending some time this weekend going through and putting things in them - at least they'll be in one place then and we can see if we've got an overall theme happening or if we really need to get some ideas/concepts in place.

We have two purchase lists going really - things we can buy second hand / cheap and now (ie a loo and handbasin for the shed - will be useful for us when we're working there all day and also for use of builders - will be on the now list, and nice loos for the main bathroom and ensuite will be on the later list; bean bags for the living room will be on the ‘get ‘em if you see ‘em on sale!' list and a gorgeous 2 and 3 seater set of couches on the later list).

Unfortunately (surprise!) I have expensive tastes - the shower rose I like is $900 ... I think we might be looking around for a cheaper version!

It's interesting working through the decision making process - with two people making decisions - even down to things like loos ... I like rounded, he likes squared ... we will find a happy medium :) I'm sure!

We do seem to be able to discuss things without enormous argument though, which is a bonus - I'm sure that will stand us in good stead later on!

The hot water pipe in the kitchen froze this morning - but luckily the pipe in the bathroom was okay, as the hot water heater is in the bathroom and it doesn't have to go outside or travel far! We had a frost, so under 0C at least, and Tassie is going through a bit of a cold snap - though we've had lovely days - not warm (10 - 13C). Can't really complain, when we look at what has been happening on the coast of NSW! Nasty!

The good part is that my parents' farm has had quite a lot of rain (which means the Sydney Catchment to Warragamba Dam has too) - their dam is overflowing quite nicely. My Dad says that it's the most rain this century! Poor old Sydney is forecast to have winds of over 120km/hr tonight - and the Hunter etc, already suffering after the recent floods, to get more rain (see Orthodox Ian's blog). The cold has not been great for my sore tooth - but I go to the dentist this afternoon so hopefully that will cease to be a problem, one way or another!

** Back from the dentist, tooth is no more! He said it was either root canal, which wouldn't have worked very well, and probably needed to come out in a couple of years - or straight out, so I chose out. 20 minutes from into dentist surgery to out with 1 less tooth. Not bad!

I bought myself (and Mr Tasmania) a Kitchen & Bathroom design book as a reward for being a brave girl :) (o, and four doughnuts too - fresh cooked, awesome!).

*** later now, mouth feels great (well, a bit sore but not horrible aching pain, so, relatively, good!).