Of lost gloves

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Date: 24 June 2007 07:56:31

I can't believe it, I've lost my purple glove! Note, that's GLOVE singular, not GLOVES purple. If I'd lost the plural I'd be frustrated but ultimately end up thinking they'd turn up somewhere (even if I never saw them again) but no, I've lost one, I know where I lost it, I went back and looked for it, and some wally has taken off with it and is now wandering around Burnie wearing a 15 year old purple lycra/cotton inner ski glove - blast!!!!!

Not to mention that both chemists I went to were closed - honestly, you'd think in a place that persists in calling itself a city there'd be at least one chemist on the main street that opens before 9am on a weekend - good grief!

And then I spilled my coffee - not all of it, or I'd be half way home by now calling in sick and going back to bed J. Just enough to get my remaining glove wet and make driving and juggling a dripping cup awkward - ‘cause my car's too old to have cup-holders of course. And before you say it, I've tried the attachable ones - they don't stay stuck, and I've tried the ones that hang off the window frame - the window is wide and they won't hook over.



Deep Breath

I have a list of things to get through - thank goodness - and I'm just going to start and keep going until I finish work and go and meet my beautiful boy and try out the Indian Restaurant in town - why there are no Thai restaurants I have no idea, if anyone is looking to start a restaurant and wants to know a good location to start a Thai restaurant - come to Burnie Tasmania!!!! Burnie Tasmania needs a Thai restaurant - please! And real Thai, with real Thai chefs, or at the very least someone who has trained in Thai cooking, not Aussie's hoping for the best. Sorry again, I miss the Wok Bar in Manly and Dee Why very very very much! Ah well - the sun's out, it's going to be a lovely day - about time I drank my coffee and got into it I reckon!

PS re the house - no news as yet but I have bought another Kitchen/Bathroom design mag - it's awesome! Not just for the good stuff but for the stupendously horrifying things that some people want in their kitchens. I wonder if they remember they're probably going to be living with it for more than 6 months?