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Date: 30 June 2007 12:56:48

Windscreen glued and plugged - $35

In the next exciting instalment ... husband proceeded to lock keys in the car. Luckily I was down the street picking up mail from the head office, and he was in town attending an auction for work (which is 40mins drive away) so was able to unlock car as it's mine, and I have the main set of keys with me.

He's bought the miniorb to replace the shower screen ... oh yes, you didn't know about that bit. That was MY excellent start to the day. Many moons (ha ha) ago Mr Tasmania's dad, the Man Mountain, turned the shower on as hot as it could go on a very chilly morning and proceeded to direct it at the thick glass shower screen with predictable results. It's stayed there ever since, cracked but not broken. Until this morning. When I was killing two birds with one stone and scrubbing the opposite wall while waiting for my conditioner to work - as you do. Bumped it with the derriere. Didn't want to look for a minute, as it hurt - the glass went OUTSIDE the shower, thankfully - but all okay, just a little line. One bandaid later and it's all okay.

So, husband has now bought miniorb (corrugated iron but with small ‘bumps') to replace it.

And now he's managed to replace a missing hub cap on my car for only $15 ... no idea what happened to the missing one or where or when it went missing - it was just GORN!

So, tonight, I think we will just meet in Burnie, drive to Wynyard, pick up a lamb (not a pet, sorry, it's in pieces) that his dad has picked up for us, pick up some Chinese food, go home and STAY THERE. And hopefully nothing else will happen