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Date: 30 June 2007 13:00:34

we made it home, with Chinese food and lamb in pieces.

Lamb is now in freezer and Chinese food in us :)

Miniorb was put in shower recess this morning and looks great! I had my doubts but it works really well and has made the bathroom look bigger and more together somehow - so well done Mr Tasmania!

He spent part of the day up a colleague's tree, very high up actually, pruning large limbs, then we took a trailer to help him pick up some dry wood. Lots of wood fires still in this part of Tassie, though a law has just been passed that will bring a $500 fine for excessively smoky fires, and the government is working on a law to not allow the installation of new wood fires anymore ... I guess it's just one of those urbanisation things - and the huge increase in the number of people with respiratory problems too.

We came home and I made pumpkin soup and two sultana loaves. Very satisfying on a cold SAturday afternoon. I'm planning on a chocolate cake tomorrow, and maybe cheese scones ... and possibly beer bread and crumpets, depends how much I get done and if I'm still in the mood!