We're under way

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Date: 08 July 2007 12:44:30

We had the big burnoff on our block a few weeks ago.

And last Sunday after church we went up and dug 10 holes in preparation for 10 Grevilleas, the commencement of our 'hedging operations'.

So, yesterday, we went to a local native nursery and picked up the 10 grevilleas I had ordered earlier this week. We picked up 5 x Grevillea victoriae (red flowers), 3 x Grevillea Poorinda Peter (red flowers), and 2 x Grevillea Copper Rocket (pink flowers). Also 2x Geraldton Wax and 1 other plant I can't remember, for the princely sum of $1 each, from the 'overgrown' table ... poor rejected little tackers, I'll plant them down at the beach house ... there's a heck of a lot more planting going on here than I was planning on but I keep seeing things which will make the place look great, so I can't help it :). I'm only buying cheap or bargains or planting out things I've struck myself (there are going to be a HELL of a lot of geraniums here soon!) so not going too nuts :)

Anyway, back to the grevilleas ... took them to the block to find that the rain we experienced during the week had nicely wet the holes. Planted them all ... well, Mr Tasmania helped me put them in order, and cleaned up the pots (Must be neat!), and put 7 of the 10 tree guards and stakes in :) ....

They looked so good, and it was a great feeling to put them in and see them all in their little coats ... the start of OUR garden on OUR block which will have OUR house on it ... I never thought I'd see the day ... I had thought maybe I'd have MY garden around MY house .... but OURS is so much better!

We planted those ones first because they will grow 2 - 3m tall and nice and bushy and shrubby relatively quickly (natives, in good red growing dirt, with lots of nice tasmanian rain!) and block out the view of the neighbours at top speed. They're not BAD neighbours ... but I've met him twice now and I think underwhelmed would be the best word to describe my opinion. So, hedge is a go :) and politeness will be our watchword. Don't have to be bosom buddies with everyone, after all!

Mr Tasmania has known that I love to garden but I think he really had the revelation yesterday .. in the rain, muddy jeans, beany, loving it ... I really REALLY love to garden :), one of the places I'm happiest. I'd love it all to grow faster but I'm even satisfied to wait and see what I've created.

Speaking of created ... I've been going to pottery classes on Monday nights, can't remember if I mentioned it before. I did a one day Adult Education course, a 'house and garden' day in which we could make all manner of things. The teacher, The Pottery Lady, is fabulous, such a warm and friendly person, I had a ball. She runs a casual class on Monday nights at the studio, $6 an hour for about 2'ish hours, turn up if you can, if not no worries, she's working out there anyway, I've met some lovely people and it's nice and relaxing and creative and I love it. So far I've made a wonky bowl and some plant spikes for the garden - I'm really pleased with all of them, even the wonky bowl, as the flowers I plastered it with and glazed look AWESOME ... and the Pottery Lady and others in the class have remarked on my use of colour ... it's definitely not conventional but somehow bright daffodil yellow and violet work on terracotta clay ... or they work for me ... so I'm happy. The plant spikes are now in the garden down here and look bright and happy.

My next aim is to make some bright - very bright - 'things' to hang against the black walls of our house. Yes, it's black ... the house was built from a single very large Myrtle log brought in by Mr Tasmania's dad, and the outside walls are painted with sump oil - so it's black. Doesn't smell or anything, looks great in fact, but a few bright bits and bobs against it will look fantastic I think :)

And now, to steal from Peter Cundall, 'that's your lot!'