of cool holidays continued

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Date: 23 September 2008 11:53:01

It really snowed at Cradle Mountain last night - a lot - and my mum is OFF HER NUT ... she's just the teenciest bit excited about it. They did a four hour walk around Dove Lake today - which is now bad considering it was snowing heavily and dad is practically one legged (he's in line for a knee replacement) ... they loved it.

They've seen lots of critters - Bennetts Wallabies, little wallabies (which might be pademelons, not sure), possums (which are not unusual, they have them at home), wombats (also at home but these are a different kind to theirs), wattle birds, all sorts of things.

I'm really glad they got some great snow, it snowed on Saturday while we did the Explorer Bus tour (great value at $15, excellent) and belted down while we climbed Glacier Rock (Dove Lake). It also made the experience of visiting the Waldheim House magical ... it was built by the first white man to live near Cradle Mountain, and who was instrumental in the development of Cradle National Park.

We loved it too, and are looking forward to heading back up there in the near future to use up Mr Tasmania's overnight stay prize at the Chateau - we'll pretend like we stay in 4.5 star places all the time ... I have an inkling they'll probably see through us :)

If my pics EVER upload on flickr I'll put a few up.