Of work and life and friends and stupid flights and gorgeous boys

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Date: 13 July 2007 12:19:02

Work is going okay ... and I think we're slowly starting to get ahead ... at least this week I still had money in the bank when Mr Tasmania got paid - not much, but there was still money there! Nice feeling to be getting on top of the bills. He's happy too, ‘cause the faster we can pay them off the faster we can get a puppy ... and he really really really wants a dog!

I want one too, but I'd rather get these big bills out of the way first. I did buy a dog toy the other day though, so he knows I want one ... just not right this second 

I'm trying very hard to basically think of work as the place I go to make the money to live the rest of our lives .. while at the same time doing my best in the job I'm in (not to mention keeping my eyes open just in case something AMAZING comes along). I'm contemplating doing a few small courses, just to update a few skills and maybe add a couple of others ... proofreading maybe? I've done it for years for friends and family, as well as in my previous job (graphic design studio) but maybe some formal qualifications could lead to some more work - who knows?

We're also working on our timeline for building ... as part of the organising of the finances - I think we've almost decided to hold off the actual building until the end of next year, just so we can get ourselves into a really good position rather than trying to catch up and then get ahead ... not that we'll be ‘ahead' with a mortgage I'd say, but the less other stuff we have to bother about the better I reckon!

Friends are great, I'm really appreciating those who keep in touch ... I try my best to keep in touch too ... there's a couple that I'm finding it a bit hard with, I seem to do all the phoning / emailing / writing etc but I don't want to give up the friendships ... and I know they don't either, they just don't initiate things ... can be quite annoying ... any suggestions?

I can't even talk about the stupid flights in and out of Tasmania ... I have NO idea what Jetstar thinks it's doing, but the only flight out of Launceston to Sydney, weekdays, is at 3:10pm in the afternoon. Like that makes sense. Even if you live in Launceston you still have to leave work early, let alone if you live 2 hours drive away. And as for Rex Airlines ... which fly out of Wynyard, nice and close ... they make their flights so expensive that it's not worth using them ... it's actually more economical to make the trip to Launceston and put the car in long term parking! And they wonder why people don't use them in vast numbers ....

Anyway ...

We'll be in Sydney 3rd week or so of September ... not that we've booked that yet or even applied for my leave ... but we're coming, regardless!

My boy remains gorgeous, as ever. He's so thoughtful, really careful to make sure that we're in agreement on things, he's looking after me very very well - and, in case you were wondering, I think I'm looking after him pretty well too ... in 4 days we'll have been married 7 months - and it's flown by. Not one single regret.