of progress - dogs and trees

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Date: 15 July 2007 00:44:31

We have bought ... two dog collars (tiny and medium - one blue, one purple (bright)), one dog lead (also bright purple), a dog bed (hession bag stuffed with foam pad to go in big freeby dog kennel), one dog bowl (for food). Kennel was lifted over fence into dog enclosure yesterday by Mr Tasmania and The Artistic Hairdresser, so not many more things to get (and only a couple more bills to pay) and we'll be able to get the puppy. Mr Tasmania is VERY happy about that.

We also bought 1m3 (1 cubic metre ie 3 tipper loads from a bobcat into the trailer) of medium 15mm pine bark mulch and went up to the block. Each grevillea now has been heavily papered (10+ layers of newspaper surrounding the grow tube and covering the grass) to about a metre square and then that covered with a 4 - 6 inch layer (sorry, I work in metric and imperial) of the bark. The grevilleas are about 1.5m apart, and we even had enough bark left to paper and mulch three of the spaces between.

We've decided that we'll do the hedging in lots of 10 ie dig 10 holes, buy 10 grevilleas with grow tubes, plant 10 grevilleas, buy the mulch and paper and mulch the 10 grevilleas .. then use the remaining mulch to go back and finish the inbetween bits of the last lot done. So it means that we'l probably end up getting one load and going back and finishing the inbetween mulcing but that's okay. We have 25 to put in down the driveway, and 33 or so to put in at the back of the block ... this may change as Mr Tasmania just counted the distance between heaps of old stumps from the trees he had cut down last year ... but I need to work out how WIDE the grevilleas we will be planting will grow, as we may well be able to cut the number down ... we'll see.

Mr Tasmania also started digging up a circle of dirt he has put a large circle of bluestone boulders around ... we are going to build it up with manure and a load of good soil and will plant, firstly, a gorgeous weeping cherry - he's always wanted one. We'll probably save up and buy one that is at least 1m tall already, so it's a bit advanced. I'm not quite sure what we're going to underplant with, but I'm going to enjoy the process of planning that!

have you gathered I enjoy gardening?