Of sleeping in, cooking, and more gardening .... oh, and surfing

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Date: 15 July 2007 06:26:33

slept in today, lovely. Mr Tasmania is going surfing and I'm ditching church ... again :) ... ah well, God loves me, I love God ...

Anyway ... so, I've been and collected the Sydney papers and done the grocery shopping so my boy can have his favourite sandwiches for lunch this week.

I've got two lamb, white bean, and honey casseroles on their last ten minutes in the oven. I've cleaned the house. I've checked the bungalow (small cabin out behind the house, where a friend of a friend is staying next weekend. He's coming with the friend (one of my bridesmaids - the nurse) but it's separate rooms all round at Casa Tasmania, so I thought I better make sure it was all in good order. It's small but snug so he'll be fine.

I've planted two Geraldton Wax down the back - part of the ongoing screening process - they cost $1 each as overgrown, so I've put them in the same hole as they're a bit piddly - hopefully they'll grow together quite happily.

I've watered the garden - we've had no meaningful rain for about 3 weeks so it's a little dry. The Erlicheer jonquils and King Alfred daffodils think it's spring however, so they're on the way up. I planted a small white grevillea in the front garden too, also a member of the $1 table. Should look nice against the black walls. The lavender, wormwood and fuschia I have planted are all doing well.

I've chopped two branches off a gum tree which is causing too much shade - need a bush saw, only have a small pruning saw, so only did two branches before arm hurt too much and I nearly fell off the ladder. Must put bush saw on the list!

I've put a heap of prunings in the bin to go to the tip - I know, I know, should be recycled, green waste, whatever - but we haven't got it! I'm working on a strategy, but in the meantime it either goes in the bin or gets burnt in the backyard ... you choose.

Husband has gone to get some plastic (dead tablecloth of friends) to make a door for the kennel.

And now I'm going ot have a cup of tea!