Of rain and pottery ... and dogs

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Date: 17 July 2007 10:23:44

It's raining and not particularly cold at the moment. Rained all night which, on our corrugated iron roof, was lovely - perfect to sleep to! The rest of my family is very happy that we have rain at the moment as they have sunshine for the first time in weeks. They have been very happy about the rain, although Eastern NSW is most certainly not out of drought yet. The catchment for Sydney is up over 50% which is great but water restrictions will remain in place for some time.

The rain is also great for us as it means our grevilleas have had quite a drenching, which will get them off to a great start, and will help consolidate the mulch.

I went to my casual pottery class again last night, which was great. Only 1 other casual potter + the potter herself, but so relaxing and comfortable. Rain on the tin roof there too, lovely. I made some large shells (using moulds already available) last week and this week painted them brightly and glazed them with Daffodil yellow, Violet, and Turquoise Blue, and hopefully they will be fired this weekend. I'm going to put them in little piles in the garden, on the black sleepers which make the border, so hopefully they'll look great!

My ‘hand bowl' experiment has also worked, so I'm going to make more of those I think! I also made another plant spike, though it looks a bit too nice for outside, I might have to invest in a lovely indoor plant to park that one in, and I've also started on some large clay beads. I don't quite know what I'm going to do with those, except paint them so they glow!, but I figure that for the last 15 minutes of each class I'll use up my scraps making those and I'll eventually end up with a pile of them to do ‘something' with ... maybe string them together to make a flyscreen for the front door? Who knows, hopefully I'll come up with something creative ... or maybe someone has a suggestion?

I have a few ideas on the go, so I'm going to have to write them all in my craft ideas book otherwise they'll disappear.

I've also started printing out photos ... I haven't printed any photos since about November I think so have many to catch up on ... I'm working backwards though, so started with our grevillea planting weekend and went back to when the parents were here in May, sorting them out so I could send some in different directions, as well as a pile for us. At this point I'm not printing anymore off until I've written on the back of all the others ... not that I have albums for them at the moment, I'm just going to bundle them up and label them and put them in a box until ‘ron .... Will get to it eventually!

I have photos that mum has sent me to mix in with them too ... and I haven't even STARTED thinking about the wedding photos. I'm keeping an eye out for a lovely display album, so we can pick a select few to enlarge and have for people to look at if they want to, but haven't moved any further than that . Ah well, it will happen.

We nearly got a dog today ... 4 year old Bluey (Australian Cattle Dog, commonly known as a Blue Heeler ... ‘cause they're blue (usually) and nip the heels of sheep? Maybe?) ... anyhoo, was at the Lost Dogs Home ... but he was gone by the time Mr Tasmania phoned. He's left our number in case more like him come in.