Of cold and frost

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Date: 18 July 2007 12:38:51

We got a proper frosty morning here today, apparently they had 30cm snow yesterday on Ben Lomond, Mr Tasmania is very happy about it and has great plans for a skiing weekend over the weekend of 28 July.
I will be attending a Mosaic Paving workshop on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons that weekend so he has been trying to work out something to do rather than spend the weekend doing stuff around home ... or just stuffing around!
So, skiing it will probably be.
Sydney has also been having some very very chilly mornings - now they can legitimately get out in the duffle coats and anoraks ... rather than the usual run of things, which is that the temp has dropped to (oh my goodness!) 20C and it's a little cloudy so we must get out the ugg boots and ski gear ... also found it hilarious when I lived there, no less hilarious now!