Of whisky and other good things

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Date: 19 July 2007 21:43:53

We had lunch at the Hellyer Whiskey Distillery (Burnie) today - a farewell for one of our coordinators (she's been here six months, long enough to work out that she's not cut out for a desk job - so she's going back to her first love - Mental Health Nursing!). Anyway, highly recommended for lunch if you're ever in Burnie .. you can stop at the Cheese Factory shop and pick up some bargains afterwards!

I had the House Special - a beef steak pie which was VERY whisky soaked ... and then The Experience for dessert - whisky cream, meringue, strawberries - yummo - and also very alcoholic! Also a glass of a lovely Pinot Noir from Levenbank Winery (I think ... Leven something, anyway!). No, I didn't get drunk, I'm just very unobservant! It was a lovely wine, so I'll keep my eye out for some - $25/bottle (I shared with 3 others) so won't be too expensive at the bottle shop.

Dinner last night at another friends place, lasagne, yummy.

Tomorrow we pick up the bridesmaid so tonight is cleaning and getting the house sorted out :) - oh yay