Of friends and weekends

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Date: 24 July 2007 11:42:40

The Nurse and her friend arrived on Saturday morning. Their plane was fogged in at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne and arrived late so Mr Tasmania and I headed up to the block and dug 18 more holes for the future hedge. 16 holes for grevilleas down the driveway and the other two holes, one at either end, are for camellias ... just for something a little different.

Anyway, picked them up and headed directly up to Cradle Mountain ... Mr Tasmania is very happy that we picked up a yearly pass for a bargain $60 instead of $84, as he has plans to go skiing this weekend at Ben Lomond, and it means we now have entry into every National Park in the State without a problem.

We had lunch at Cradle Mountain Lodge - 2x gorgeous chicken schnitzels, 1 by enormous chicken burger, and the smallest lamb backstrap ever seen - poor IT boy.

Anyway, off to Dove Lake and the 6.5km circuit - just beautiful, snow on the peaks, snow underfoot, snow on the tops of trees, clear and gorgeous. Unfortunately a morbid edge - the poor Danish boy who went walking up Cradle Mountain and has now been missing for 10 days ... realistically, he hasn't made it, so very sad to think he was lying somewhere up above us.

Anyway ... back home, after dark, and a well earned night's sleep!

Took them around Table Cape on Sunday, and up to the block to have a look - The Nurse, a dairy farmer's daughter, was quite impressed, thought it was great.

They've headed off on a drive to the East Coast today in my little Starlet ... I don't know that they quite realise how long a day they're going to have ... they did give the ‘I'm from NSW, I know about distance driving' speech ... yes, well, I am too, and I think they're going to have a very very very loooong day! I certainly wouldn't choose to do the round trip in one day! Anyway, I hope they have a good time, and the pancake parlour they're planning to visit is worth the 8 hour round trip 

I've just come back from picking up my copy of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows ... I don't know that Mr Tasmania or the guests will get much out of me tonight ... I haven't had an allnighter reading session for a while but I can feel one coming on!