Of long days and good books and puppy dogs

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Date: 24 July 2007 11:43:21

So, they arrived back at about 10:15pm .... And they didn't get to the pancake parlour. Apparently The Nurse was happy to go at lunchtime but was ‘told' that they'd go on the way home ... and they missed it by half an hour ... I'm very proud of my poker face!

I bought the last Harry Potter at lunchtime yesterday and have only had time to read to page 82 .. so instead of doing stuff in my lunch hour today I'm going to sit and read in the kitchen!!!! Nice!

Mr Tasmania phoned earlier to say that he'd seen an ad for a year old blue heeler in the paper ... so he's phoned the owner and is being emailed pictures later on tonight - so stay tuned! Apparently he's very energetic which is fine - he'd be old enough to go for a run with the boy and also old enough to stay with his ‘cousin' Oxley during the day - and Oxley lives in a fenced yard with a gate and has his dad there quite often, so that'd be great. We'd have him on a running lead when he stayed at home. A puppy would be lovely but quite a lot of work so if we can find a slightly older dog that'd be great I think - though a puppy will be fine too, if that's what we end up doing.