Of travels and good books and staying up late and too many birthdays!

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Date: 28 July 2007 11:52:26

The Nurse and her friend (who I won't be giving a name) had a good day at Stanley yesterday. They climbed The Nut (as the chairlift was not working) and clambered down again, checked out the pie shop, visited the gallery - which is AMAZING!, and then went on to Dismal Swamp. They went down the slide at Dismal Swamp, and tried some wines, and seemed to have had a great day.

Today they may go to Penguin, which is East along the coast. They bypassed Penguin for the epic trip on Monday. It's a gorgeous day, ideal for a trip along the coast, I'm quite envious!

I stayed up late and finished Harry Potter - actually, I went to bed at 9:30 ‘cause I was tired, couldn't get to sleep so started reading the book, and that was it ... .until 1:15am. Haven't done that for a while but really enjoyed the book. Won't give away any spoilers to those who've managed to avoid them but I was pleased to say that the three main points that I had decided on were what I thought they'd be - who died, who didn't, and what happened to one person who died previously! And yay for an epilogue!

Of course, there will be more books in the ‘Harry Potter Universe', there must be! The fans will not rest! Oh dear, that sounds a bit obsessed doesn't it - I'm not obsessed, truly I'm not - but I have loved them and would love more - Harry Potter, the missing days, Harry Potters school adventures, Harry Potter and .... Etc etc etc!

And now we're having with 3 birthdays on one day, and two more in the next week - I don't think there are any in September .... I think .... I'm too scared to open my birthday book! They're all birthdays you can't just get away with a card for ... brother, Mr Tasmania's good mate (and a groomsman at the wedding!), my godson, my other godson, my oldest nephew ... ah well, money schmoney, who needs it eh!