Of puppies and pavers

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Date: 28 July 2007 12:02:01

Yes, we have a dog ... and if I ever get around to following Deeleea's excellent instructions you'll see a picture of him.

His name is J.D. (short for the original, obviously BOGAN, owners name of Jack Daniels, good grief), he's a 13 or so month old blue heeler, quite large for his age, fully blue (ie not a red). Richard found him in the paper, to be given away free, and drove down to Launceston (after seeing some pics and talking to the owners) with his dad and picked him up today.

The last owners had 30acres but have moved to a town block and just don't have room, but wanted to give him away free to a good home - which is us, of course! He shook hands with Richard straight away, and coped with the two hour drive home very well. He's a lovely natured dog, I think we've got a complete bargain!

He sits, comes to his name, shakes hands and settled very comfortable on the banana lounge when we tied him up outside while we had tea. He's most definitely not going to be an in the house dog BUT we do want him to know how to behave in a house so we'll teach him. He's staying in tonight but will go down to his kennel tonight, after MR Tasmania puts a roof on the compound.

We'll also have a running line for him, and we can attach the 10 foot lead to the house, which will be great when Mr Tasmania is away - I don't get scared, but it's a good thing for a single chick to have an obvious large dog attached to a house I think ;)

As I keep pointing out to Mr Tasmania, we've now got a PET, not a CHILD - I think it may take longer to train him than the dog!

I did a mosaic paving class this afternoon, and will go back tomorrow arvo to finish it off - in case you are wondering why I did that and didn't go and pack up the dog, I booked this months ago, and we only found the dog in the paper last week. I'm inspired by the mosaic class ... I think I"ll have a lot of fun with THIS new skill!