of pavers and houdini

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Date: 29 July 2007 12:23:42

my mosaic paver is beautiful ... and I now have ambitions for the horrible old brick barbeque here, and possibly even the grey concrete chimney ... but most certainly other pavers, pots, bird baths, in fact, anything concrete! Yay! And Mr Tasmania (also known as Richard, yes, I was tired - initials are funny, he is RAW and I am LAW ... I win!) anyhoo, he likes it too, double yay!

And Houdini, or JD as he was once known, has had a good day... he spent the morning with his Tasmanian grandparents and slipped his collar - but was happy to sit on the back doorstep and wait to be found, to his great joy! He also managed to get out of his compound tonight, so he's now tied up to one of the posts of the verandah, with his cushion on a banana lounge - but at least he did only go snuffling around the property and was very happy to see Mr Tasmania when he went out to see why it had all gone mysteriously quiet.

He's now yelling at the naughty possums, rudely climbing in trees out near the road ... how rude!