Of puppies and rainy weather

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Date: 02 August 2007 12:09:05

Well, he's lovely, our JD. Went to visit the Vet on Monday and is fit and well. At 14months he weighs 25.2kgs! He is lovely but we will love him a lot more when he settles in and stops barking. He's not too bad actually, seems to bark at ‘stuff' until about 9:15pm, then abruptly gets tired and conks out so well that he doesn't even twitch if you go and have a look at him. So basically he's useless as a guard dog after 9:30 but otherwise good.

We had a huge rain and lightning storm last night and we were wondering what we'd find when we got home. It was his first time alone on the running lead - the previous two days he'd been at his grandparents in Wynyard - so we were ready for anything. He's a blue heeler after all, and they are known for being impervious to weather ... however this sensible young man (or so we thought) was tucked up nicely in his dry kennel. He had obviously had some fun before the rain, as his mattress, cushion and blanket were NOT in the kennel, but out soaking up the lovely downpour. As soon as we got home he decided enough comfort was enough, and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening standing in the rain, barking at raindrops, his breath, dripping leaves, cars, other dogs, the full moon - you get the picture!

Ah well ... it won't last long ... and it was a shorter barking period than the night before, so hopefully that will continue! We'll take him for a good long walk tonight and, crossed fingers, that should calm him down a bit ... maybe ...