of rain and silly dogs

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Date: 10 August 2007 12:30:35

it's a little bit wet ... we had two inches of rain on Wednesday night, 16mm Thursday night, 40mm from 7:30am - 6pm today ... and it's showing no signs of stopping.

We are having spring tides, exacerbated by an exceptional low, meaning they are up to 30cm higher than normal ... so the park has been flooding, the beach cannot be walked on at high tide and, on the way home tonight, if the tide hadn't been out waves would have been breaking over the Bass Hwy just West of Burnie.

Apparently they WERE breaking on the road about an hour later.

There are floods.

The paddocks behind Burnie look like rice paddies.

Husband just missed having to spend the night on the West Coast with a bus driver, 25 teenagers (AFL team), and no wallet - landslide 15minutes after they passed closed the road.

Came home to find dog had tangled himself up with his chain and the blanket like you wouldn't believe - of course it commenced to pour down torrentially as I got out of the car to untangle him - glad I wasn't wearing high heels today, I'd probably still be stuck!

Of course, after he'd been let inside the nice warm house, toweled dry, had his dinner, played with his dad and me, he peed on the wall outside the laundry - so he's back outside in the rain - his choice as to whether he goes in his nice warm weather proof kennel .... Blue Heelers are supposed to be exceptionally bright, but I think the rain has shorted out his brain.

Tomorrow we are planting a camellia at the top of the driveway at the block - it will go over the grave of Pepper, Richard's last dog, who died in the early '90's at age 18. We will then put in a gate and the first treated pine fence poles we are using to fence the backyard down here at the beach house. Backyard is being fenced so J.D. (currently known as 'No'!) can run around like a loon during the day - and hopefully won't decide to tunnel ... we once had a fox terrier who managed to climb 10 foot chicken wire fences ..... hopefully J.D. won't think of digging OR climbing.

And yes, it's still raining.

Oh, forgot to mention we've got storm force winds as well ..... niiiiiiiccccceeeeeeee.

Mind you, not as bad as the floods in England .. yet - though parts of Tassie are in flood, and some of the rivers won't hit their peak until tomorrow.

Oh yes ... referring to my last post .... we also know how much stuffing there is in a dog bed.