of broccoli on the beach, and other things

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Date: 13 August 2007 11:54:48

No, we haven't invented a new version of barbequeing ... flood waters washed through a vegetable processing plant and yes, washed it all out to sea ... I'm assuming other things sunk.

It was gorgeous today though, cool in the shade but fabulous sun, I basked at midday with my cuppa and my bowl of brown rice ... what, not at work you say? Well yes, not at work, and not normally eating brown rice by itself either ....

tummy upset ... let's just leave it at that shall we. Suffice to say husband had to buy more loo paper ... I think you can work it out from there. I am relieved ... actually sorry, really didn't mean to do that, accidental pun (is there a name for that?) ... to say that I do not appear to have contracted the horrible contagious lurgy which has depopulated hospitals locally of staff and populated them with patients ... that's the one's who haven't already got the flu ... and some people, I"m sure, have managed to get both - blarg!

Anyway, in bed until 11am, walked to get mail with mad puppy dog (who was very well behaved for his mum, who really just wasn't up to shenanigans today) (mind you, he did managed to wrap himself around the trees at either end of his running lead - five times! - but at least he didn't bark too much), walked home, pottered about, had coffee with a girlfriend and her little girl (they came here), and that's it, day over really.

Oh, and assisted amateur electrician husband to put in new spotlight and outside light, as both had mysteriously gone bung within a week of each other (the outside light had been going bung in fits and starts but had finally karked it, and the spotlight was our only real casualty of the rain). Lovely and light outside now. Husband is away for two nights soon and, while I don't usually jump at things that go bump in the night, it's nice to have outside lights working, street light shining into front yard (courtesy of husband giving the banksia's a boy prune), and puppy (albeit ENORMOUS puppy) chained outside the front door ... relaxing!

Okay, I'm going to clena my teeth and get into my jammies and it's off to bed with a book - 'Humble Pie' by Gordon Ramsay (quite good actually). Oh, and my husband, when he gets back from walking the dog :)