Of probation and pay rises (and lovely sunny days)

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Date: 14 August 2007 11:53:51

I finish my three month probation today. I've still kept my eye on jobs in the paper, you never know when the most amazing job will show up - but this job is pretty good, lots of benefits, so I'm more than happy to stay until God dumps something else in my lap. I get a little payrise too, not sure how much yet, so that's great!

I'm aiming to do a few courses to gain/update some other skills too, I've always wanted to do a course in medical terminology but never did basically because I could never claim it - however I now work in the Health Care industry and it is relevant to my position :) so I'm going to look into it.

I also want to do a proper proofreading course, and I can probably claim that too, as my brother is giving me the odd bit of proofreading work still, so it's relevant to that part of my income making endeavours.

Every little bit of money earned, or work done towards earning more money, counts when you're looking at building a house, and want to do some stuff to the house you're currently living in as well.

Speaking of, we've chosen the next lot of plants for our boundaries. Grevilleas down the top part of the driveway (1 - 1.5m tall, as we'd like the neighbours on that side to keep their view!), and 4m pale yellow callistemon's behind the shed. All bird attractors. We've also planted a camellia at the top of the driveway, on Pepper's grave (Pepper was Mr Tasmania's dog). White, as Pepper was white, and funnily enough (even funnier as she bought it for us) it bears the same name as Mr Tasmania's mum. She thought it was great, couldn't resist it. We'll put another one at the bottom of the driveway but will probably go for a good solid bright pink single flowerer ... if I can get dad's memory banks into gear I'll look for the same one as they have at the corner of their house, which is a ripper.