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Date: 25 September 2008 11:10:57

the parents are now in a wood lined cabin in a little town called Hillwood, on the Tamar River, near Launceston - 2nd largest city in Tasmania. Dad says the view of the river from the deck is lovely. Interior sounds nice too, bathroom at one end next to the double bed room, then kitchen/dining room, then two double bunks (one with a double bed athe bottom) ... so it's their turn to have the loo next to them (we had it at Cradle Mountain) :)

Anyway, we'll head up there on SAturday am, then work out what to do for the weekend - I'm voting for a big fat .
nothing really, but we'll see.

I'm not sure if I mentioned the entire family is coming down here over the Australia Day Long Weekend (26 January). They are coming various ways and arriving in various combinations and locations. KombiBro (or Ex KombiBro, as it's been sold ... hmmm ... TallBro? YoungBro? GreeneyedBro? CurlyBro! (if he grew his hair it'd be ringlets - Little Lord Fauntleroy ringlets - seriously!) .. anyhoo, CurlyBro and The Amazon have decided that they are going to fly in via Hobart, hire a CamperVan (Winnebago'like thing), and drive around the bottom and up to us in the top left (that'd be, for the persnickety ones, drive south, then westwards along the bottom, then up the west coast, to us on the north west coast). I think they might take a little zig zag inwards and come across via Cradle Mountain actually. Brilliant idea I reckon! Their kids are old enough to cope with the driving, and it means that we won't have to find accommodation for them when they stay ... 'cause they'll be in it!