Of mosaics and fencing

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Date: 14 August 2007 11:54:07

We put the treated pine poles which will be the corner posts of our backyard fence in on the weekend. We also hung a small gate near the house ... I must take a picture actually, as it looks quite bizarre, a gate with no fence attached, just sitting there in the middle of the backyard. I'm making a point of using it when I go down that way, can't resist.

We'll hopefully be making the actual fence in a fortnight or so, just ‘reo', concrete reinforcing wire, it's solid and wide and His Majesty should not be able to get through or go over it. I'm quite looking forward to having a back yard, not only because JD will be able to run around all day when we're not there, but also because I'll be able to grow things over it. I kind of feel that we will be ‘doing' things to the place, not just living in it ... making it into something even better than it is - and it's not bad now!

I'm really excited about mosaicing the chimney, I've started on the giant petals for my first lot of giant flowers - unfortunately I had yesterday off work with a lurgy and decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to go to pottery class after a day off so it's being delayed by a week. But that's okay, I've got more of an idea what I want to do now, so I can rip into it when I get back to class. Yay for big bold flowers!