Of fuses

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Date: 16 August 2007 21:32:45

We had a fuse blow Tuesday night ... or technically, Wednesday morning - EARLY. Good thing husband is organised and electrical [in more ways than one ;)], so he changed it and we are good to go - and all the stuff in the fridges/freezers did not defrost! The panel heater in the bathroom is cactus however - on plugging it back in we had a big bang, smoke, electrical stench etc ... it's off to the heater doctor today.

We have also had issues with His Majesty doing his business near the front door ... and me walking in it! Blarg! with extra arg!!!!! The kitchen rug is now outside, to be dealt with on the weekend, Mr Tasmania cleaned the bottom of the ugg boots (it gives me the heaves), and I'll be more careful in future!

And I'm just tired. I think that's my problem at the moment, my year has finally caught up with me. I've had a cold which really has not gone away for 5 weeks - or it mostly went but is now back, so I guess I've finished one and caught another one - and my head is full of cotton wool. I've had a stomach upset and it's still not quite settled. As soon as Mr Tasmania gets out of the car in the morning I yawn all the way to work and could walk in and curl up under my desk and sleep all day quite happily.

I'm bothered, as I'm finding myself just wanting to go home and go to bed and not do things - like our home group tonight - but then I also think as they're my home group they will understand if I'm tired and not 100% ... but I don't want to be self - indulgent either .... But I also think my body is giving me signals I shouldn't be ignoring.

What to do, what to do ... any suggestions?