Of the boy being away

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Date: 16 August 2007 21:33:37

It's odd, I've spent a lot of time living by myself, but only a small part of that time actually by myself and alone. For example, when I was at Uni, I didn't share a room - but I lived in a co-ed dorm of 26, in a building with 9 dorms. In the last house I lived in before I married I lived on the second floor of a 3 story house and was the only one on that floor - but I shared that house with 4 other girls. I've only ever lived by myself alone twice really - once in Moss Vale for 6 months whilst Bro2 and The Amazon lived in New Zealand (and that was in my home area, so doesn't really feel like you're alone when you recognise most of the faces around, work in the area, and your parents are only 15 minutes away), and then for 2.5 years in Harbord, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney (near Manly), where I had a 1 bedroom flat (apartment) in a block of 14.

And now I'm married, so I won't be living by myself and alone ever again (Mr Tasmania and I are both going in our sleep, at the same time, obviously! - or we could be raptured, there's another option - whatever it is, we're both going at the same time!). However, I am home alone (if you don't count the large dog!) for the next two nights. Mr Tasmania is in Hobart for the next couple of days, with 6 teachers and 102 kids (yikes) to compete in the Rock Eisteddfod. Lucky boy, buses full of country kids to whom Burnie is a big city (under 20000 people), teenagers let loose in Hobart, just too much fun J, wouldn't you all love to be teachers?!

Anyway, I'm finding myself a little discombobulated ... I have a HUGE list of things I want to get done, so I certainly won't feel as if I've got nothing to do, and it's not as if he hasn't been away before (2 nights in Melbourne etc), but it's a little odd. Or maybe I'm feeling excited that I have a bit of time to myself? I feel a bit guilty that I might be a little excited ... but I guess that's silly really, why shouldn't I enjoy some time to myself?

I guess it's just a new situation, as most have been this year, and it'll be easier to just do it and enjoy it, rather than analyse it.

I think that's what I'll do!