Of disappearing dogs and ambivalence

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Date: 17 August 2007 10:09:10

So, I get home from work and there's a chain but no dog .....

The D ring on the end of the chain was there but undone ... and the tank valve had been turned on and it was full and overflowing ....

So I called .... and called .... and he answered! From next door's back deck ... the rotten little sod had gotten off the chain (probably my fault, doing up a D ring in the dark!) and had been chasing cars on the road. (pardon me, just going to throw a glass of water in his face ... we're working on stopping random barking at the moment ... the water does work, far less stressful than a smack or a rolled up newspaper, but tonight I think he's going for full immersion - three glasses and counting!).

Anyway, walked him home, got changed, took him for a 45 minute walk around town and along the beach (with a chat to Breeze the Weimaraner and TUesday the failed Dachshund on the way) and gave him his dinner. He's been giving yips ever since, wants to come in I guess, but that's not happening until I've at least had my dinner!

I am ambivalent about him at the moment ... he's a great dog, and hopefully once we've got the back yard he'll work off a bit of energy running about, and also once he's had his little op .... but if he needs more room and we haven't got it mum and dad have offered to have him - one of their dogs is getting quite old and dad likes having two dogs, and they've got heaps of room .... I guess once I've had dinner I may think differently.

I've now put him on the verandah and given him a pig's ear to chew on ... hopefully that'll keep him quite for a while!