of useful high tech friends!

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Date: 18 August 2007 01:38:35

yahoo, it worked, thanks Deeleea, excellent instructions, even if it's taken me two months to get a moment to actually use them!

More photos will fllow as I get around to organising them into my 'upload folder' ... have to be that organised otherwise who knows what I'll put on!

Anyway, that photos is of our Western fence, which runs down the left hand side of our driveway. These are the first of our grevilleas, which will hopefully mature into a nice 2m hedge, thus blocking the view of the neighbour's house BUT keeping a bit of the tops of their silver birches and our view of Table Cape .. which is a bit more North than this photo.

I will attempt to put in some photos of the big burn at some point, I mentioned it a couple of times before, you can see by the burn scar beside the LandRover Discovery (Mr Tasmania's third love - behind me and the golf clubs) that it was quite large :)