Of .... whew!

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Date: 26 August 2007 11:38:02

My goodness we have had a busy weekend. But a good weekend!

An hour ago I would have said my heading would be along the lines of ... 'Of ... can't be bothered' ... but I have been footling about online for about an hour now and thought I'd fling a few lines on.

On Saturday, under a cool but interesting sea mist, we build a fence for the backyard. I think it's almost 100m long, and it's build out of 'reo' - that's concrete reinforcing wire, large panels 6m x 2.4m, cut in half so 6m x 1.2m ... star poles ... treated pine poles ... 1 gate ... lots of leg work etc. In addition to this I burnt, to utter ashes, a HUGE pile of banksia prunings - and when I say huge, I mean HUUGGGEEE - about 6m x 4m x 3m ... but I burnt it by starting a smaller pile at the front of the block and dragging it all down and on, so it burnt hot and fast and with a minimum of smoke - 3 hours and it was all mostly done, just larger logs and branches burning down to dust.

So, we finished it, we let the dog off the chain, he ran around like a loon, and loved it - and better yet, he hasn't escaped!

And he didn't escape today either ... and didn't bark much! So, at this point, it's victory!

And he has his little op tomorrow, which may calm him a tad ... it should also hopefully stop a visiting lady from calling by, once he loses all his manliness ...

Today, we had a beautiful breakfast outside in the see through tent at a local restaurant at Boat Harbour - gorgeous day, gorgeous brekky, just lovely.

We went and put plastic around our camellia (at the block) so the wallabies would leave it alone, poor little tacker.

Then we came back and moved the washing line - a Hills Hoist, so a bit of a job. But it's done, and two loads of washing are hung out, and can also no longer be seen from the house.