Of jobs and decisions

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Date: 07 September 2007 11:39:49

I have turned down the position I was offered - Acting Team Leader Administration - not the job for me at this time basically - new job, new husband, new state, whole new life etc ... possibly just one too many responsibilities I think. Happy about it too, very relaxed decision - money would have been great, but more money is always great, so it's not the best reason for taking on a job, especially if it's the ONLY reason you have for taking on a job.

I like my little job too, it's a good atmosphere, and I'm getting some stuff done - my immediate boss was VERY pleased I didn't take it, so that's encouraging as well.

I'm actually enjoying being 1200km's away from the family at present - I am very much looking forward to 10 days up there seeing them, leaving in a week or so, don't' get me wrong - as both brothers are in the process of making radical changes in their lives. BroBoss is downsizing the design studio and moving the whole shebang south, closer to mum and dad, while KombiBro has been notified that they have two months to move out, and that has precipitated a whole raft of decision making - waiting to see how that all settles out! The reason I'm happy to be away is ... for nearly every move they've made, and they've made a few!, big sis has come along and packed and carried and unpacked and heaved furniture about ... kinda tired of it, and not going to miss doing it, to be honest. Love to be a help to the little brothers, as they're ALWAYS your little brothers ... but I can live without the moving