Of music

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Date: 08 September 2007 03:50:32

I love music. I do have times when I hardly listen to it, then others when it's on all the time - and it's a big eclectic range. I have a huge collection of Christmas music (buy at least two new CD's EVERY year and drive the family/workmates nuts), anything from Bon Jovi to Clannad, Mozart to Oklahoma, CCC Oxford Falls to my dad (he's putting out a CD in a month or so, how cool is he!), The Wiggles/Bob the Builder/Hi-Five (I have young niece and nephews, I have to like it or go nuts!) to Earth Wind and Fire .... Eclectic (or indecisive!).

I have been forced to listen to the local ABC talkback at work as I haven't had speakers on my computer. Not much of a hardship, as I like it. But I have been frustrated as I have wanted to listen to some of MY music. Now I have speakers and I find I don't want to play my music in case I miss something interesting on the radio!