of burning and destruction ... and surfing

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Date: 08 September 2007 03:55:02

That's a bit hellfire and brimstone eh :) (except the surfing part) ... not as awful as it sounds though. I've just spent the morning burning another pile of branches and old stumps which have been lying around down the backyard. A learning experience for JD (the puppy) - luckily he learns quickly, has only singed the hair on his left front paw, quickly learning that the 'hot hot' (as my oldest nephew calls it) is not to be trifled with!

So, at the moment it's burnt down pretty much to a pile of embers that I'm gradually raking in around a huge banksia stump, hopefully it'll all burn away to nothing. I've also started knocking down the old BBQ next to our front verandah (actually, it's our only verandah) with the sledge hammer - lots of fun! I've had to stop now as I"m starving and had to get an apple sponge out of the oven.

The boy has gone surfing, and will be very happy when he gets back ... it's a gorgeous gorgeous spring day, I reckon maybe 19 or 20C outside, tiny little cool breeze, not a cloud in the sky - FABULOUS! Check out Mrs Tasmania on flickr.com and you'll get an idea of how the beach looks today - they're picks of last Summer but it's the same sort of perfect day today.

Hope it's lovely where you are :)