of tired but happy

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Date: 04 October 2008 22:32:48

actually, that's what they say when they've just had a baby don't they ... well, nothing like that happening here :)

Tired 'cause over the last two days Mr Tasmania and I have been up at the block working hard - and happy 'cause as a result of our work it looks great!

On Friday (it was Burnie Show Day so we had the day off) I weeded for three and a half hours while Mr Tasmania mowed (on the rideon) - JD ran behind the whole time. We then proceed to spread a cubic metre of pine bark mulch around the grevilleas along the edge of the driveway. I've mentioned before that we've done this - but it's a seriously long driveway (at least 100m) and takes lots of bark. We were determined to finish it on Friday but the cold (13C) and rain defeated us ... so yesterday we got up there early with a load of branches from the two trees we had cut down at the Shack and, while I burnt them, Mr Tasmania went and got the first of three cubic metres of bark .. and we did finish the driveway! No pics up yet but I'll get there - it looks great!

He then fixed the door of the shed and we came home ... to give an indication, even using buckets and our groovy little tipper trailer, and rakes, we were then from 9am to 4pm ...

So, tired, but happy :)

Today we are supposed to be doing all sorts of things up at the block - whipper snipping, weed killing etc - but it's been pouring down here this morning and if that keeps up we'll be going to church and just coming back down here to the shack to do stuff around home .. mind you, with not one weekend at home in September, you could just about take a shovel to the carpet rather than a vacuum cleaner, so it probably won't be a bad thing ... you know what I'll be doing on my flex day tomorrow .....

... that's right, ignoring it and getting out into the garden - it's daylight savings and the day will be loooooonnggg :)