of goods and bads and ups and downs and more later

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Date: 23 September 2007 12:21:12

Yes, I'm (we're) back after a lovely holiday up north, 9'ish days with family and friends.

Ups ... dad's successful CD launch - 65 sold on the day, 120+ at the launch, a great day
... brekkie with girlfriends
... time with niece and nephews, brothers and sisters (in law)
... attending opening of new Berkelouw's Bookshop in Mona Vale - loverly :)
... seeing mum/dad's almost complete renovations (commenced early last year, interrupted by termites, a wedding, and arrival of grandson, and two trips to Tassie)
... husband enjoying good time with mates in Byron
... shopping - even though no shoes purchased
... lovely parents in law who took care of puppy for the week
... lovely friends who walked puppy as parents in law are in their 80's

Downs ... attack on dad before CD launch - laid low by dehydration (self inflicted) and food poisoning ... so torn between complete sympathy and complete exasperation
... no shoes purchased
... not enough time for all the stuff I wanted to do
... dog with no voice due to (despite poor not quite as hearing as well as they used to parents in law saying he was quiet) obviously barking all night every night while we were away - 'cause he's doing it now!

Ah well ... it was good of them to do it, very good, and he'll relearn not to bark after a bit of discussion and a few wops with the rolled up newspaper on the bottom ... or a night or two on his blankie in the laundry ... I just don't quite know what we'll say to the neighbours!