Of puppies

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Date: 25 September 2007 12:09:53

So, JD has lost his voice, as I mentioned before. He is very happy that we're home, and I think is getting straight back into his normal routine - we had a little bit of barking on Sunday night but he settled fairly quickly and slept without barking all night.

Last night we went out for dinner but managed to sneak out without waking him up and had not a peep out of him again. Poor little tacker was pining for us while we were away. He's very happy to see Mr Tasmania in the morning when he goes to get him for our walk - jumps up and hugs his arm with his front paws - very cute.

Spring has sprung in North West Tasmania - it's been interesting coming back and looking at two very different Tulip Festivals. Where I grew up, in the Southern Highlands of NSW, the Bowral Tulip Time Festival is quite famous and has become very well known and quite a large event. Many many tourist coaches travel through to the Highlands and bring people to Corbett Gardens to view the tens of thousands of bulbs, as well as the other gorgeous flowers. Lots of gardens are open to the public and the shops in town go all out with displays in their windows. It's great and doesn't seem to stop growing. Of course, the fact that you can stop in the Highlands either on the way to or on the way back from Floriade in Canberra helps.

Now, back in the North West, the Wynyard Bloomin' Tulips Festival is starting to get into full swing. Lots of tulips in little patches around town, the Table Cape Tulip Farm is hitting it's stride, the festival program was in the paper today, and it's all on. Interesting to compare the two .. or not really compare, contrast might be the better word. This is my first year seeing the Bloomin' Tulips Festival so I'm looking forward to it!