Of jobs etc

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Date: 26 September 2007 10:35:34

I hated looking for a job earlier in the year, interviews are fine, but endlessly not getting the job, for whatever reason, is soul destroying, especially when you've left a great job! By the by, that job would be finishing at end October this year, as my brother has downsized the studio to 1 employee - him! So I'd be in the hunt in Sydney - I don't know if that's better or worse actually, more jobs but more people, as opposed to less jobs but not being a ‘Tasmanian' ... trust me, I didn't want to see it, but the attitude was there in at least two interviews - not quite sure why they gave me an interview actually, as they obviously didn't want to give it to me ... anyway, I digress, as usual.

The job I have is good, people are great, money is okay (benefits are good so make up for lower salary) but I do find myself a bit dissatisfied at times, for no real, good reason.

I just keep an eye on the job section of the paper in case something catches my eye ... and something did today ... so now I don't know whether to apply and see what happens or just be happy where I am, and where they like me!


This is discussion with husband material obviously ... and if I did apply and got to interview and was, perhaps offered the job, what do I do then?

Cons ... don't know how much it pays, haven't worked in that industry before (but then again, have not worked in THIS industry before .... Or in shipping, or in graphic design, and I managed in both of those okay)

Pros ... 15 minute drive from home (would be 2mins once we build) as opposed to 40mins (petrol saving alone would add up to 250mins worth of travel a week - I guesstimate about $50 worth of petrol, which adds up over a year - about $2500 right there!, let alone wear and tear on the car!)

Ah well, thinking and praying, thinking and praying