Of mum and prayers

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Date: 26 September 2007 10:40:00

Father is much better, doesn't think he's going to die anymore ... just a touch of drama queen in the last couple of days :) ... good thing he's on the mend 'cause mum has now been sent on 5 days complete bed rest with huge antibiotics by the doctor, as she's a whisker away from pneumonia!

They have been working very very very hard ... and have been doing lots of good God things too ... so I'm thinking combination exhaustion and possible attacks (sorry to those of you who have difficulty with the idea of the Devil taking his chances on any weaknesses, but I believe it, and have seen it happen too often not to take it into account).

If you could give up a little prayer or two for mum (usually known as the Party on Legs ... at the moment, not so much) it'd be greatly appreciated! And prayers for all of you two :)