Of busyness and husbands :)

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Date: 29 September 2007 00:39:51

Mr Tasmania has taken off with a pack of boys to go four-wheel motorbike riding and 4 wheel driving for the weekend. They will drive to a spot, park the cars, unload the bikes, then ride in to the head of the Pieman River (where the family has a shack) and hang out, go riding along the beach, drink beer, eat steak, and generally have a great time. One of his mates is all packed ready to go but has had the game called by the wife as he's been away the last 6 weekends in a row ... kinda understandable I think! ;)

IN the meantime, I have a list as long as your arm ...or mine at least! So far I've vacuumed and have hung a set of bamboo door beads (to stop the flies ... the joys of Australia!) ... the house has no screens on the windows as yet and we had flies all over the place last summer, not to mention the mossies - aaarrrgggghhh!!!!! I can't afford to screen everything, but the BroBoss has given me a website that does velcro screens - which is great as our windows open outwards, not up and down or sideways, so I can buy one at a time and put them on the insides, pull them up to open the window etc, and it won't cost a fortune. Done the door beads, so that's step one, step two will be our bedroom, then one above the 'office' desk (in a corner of the living room) and then the bathroom. Spare bedroom is last, but as long as the rest gets some air it'll be cooler in too and mossie free! OH, mustn't forget the loo! Most important as mossie bites on the derriere are not my fave!

It's grey and gloomy and windyat the moment, but we've had a bit of solid rain, so hopefully it will rain more. I'm going in to town now but want to come back and do some more bits and pieces outside, happy to do that in between rainshowers as I have lots to do inside as well.

Finally got around to transferring my membership from NRMA to RACT - those are the NSW and TAsmania Road Service organisations, respectively. Only been in Tassie 9 months .... I may be slow but I get there eventually! I THINK that's it as far as changing names, memberships, addresses, etc is concerned ... only my passport outstanding, but I'll do that when we organise Mr Tasmania's as well as it'll cost me $150 to do it - darn it!

Whew - I'd always planned to take my husband's name when I married ... but if I'd known it'd involve in this mucking about I might have taken it in 'name only' and kept my maiden name as my legal name - might have been easier!

THanks for prayers too - mother is on the improve. Sister in law is down with awful lurgy too ... Spring lurgies!