of rain ... and more rain .... and complete avoidance of AFL!!!!!

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Date: 29 September 2007 09:45:34

Yes, it's raining ... it's basically been raining all day on and off .. but I haven't really minded too much, as I had stuff to do inside, and hubby is off on his four wheel bike expedition.

I went into town, which is gearing up for Bloomin' Tulips '07, and checked out a recently (re)opened cafe, the White Dog Book Cafe .... quite bizarre, in an old building, possibly in an old shopfront? (not up on my local history, as you can imagine, after only 9 months here!), shelves to the 12foot (or more) ceilings full of second hand books (dad and Deeleea will love it!) and some apparently rare books - kind of like Berkelouw's Book Barn in miniature (and much cheaper!). There are old carnival horses and mermaids hanging from the ceilings, the walls are covered in rose wallpaper (or contact maybe?), there are shells painted white and stuck above the doorways, a weird tiled area at the front window, and a wild white haired woman in charge. Books are great, she's eccentric, and the coffee (gotta try 'em all!) was FOUL - so I'll go for the books and maybe a cake (they looked good) but will probably order tea :) in future.

Nice to have a wild weird bit of complete eccentricity in conservative country North West Tasmania!

I also went to the HARDWARE store - finally, living up to my wiblog name!!!!!! I bought - a rubber mat for the front door (the old rug is worn to the weaving), a bow saw (really gotta have a good solid saw to do so pruning!), and some all purpose fertiliser - which, if it hadn't been raining, I would have put on the garden - but hopefully I'll get a gap between showers tomorrow and I'll get a chance, so it can wash in nicely. WE're on sand and I'd lay good money on the gardens here never being fertilised - and nutrients just wash away in sand, so they're all starving!

CAme home, read the local papers, did two loads of washing and put them through the dryer - some on racks, not quite at the completely drier friendly clothing stage, but working on it! - tidied generally, thought about cooking but decided didn't want to, cleaned the bathroom, took dog for VERY wet walk and gave him his dinner, and now am deciding what to have myself. Probably will take the easy route and have a Lean Cuisine - the single girls standby :)

Probably early bed and watch TV there - the one blessing with all this rain is that puppy is a sensible boy (most of the time) and he heads right to the back of his kennel and goes to sleep - yay!

I am contemplating starting to work my way through my Lord of the Rings (extended) DVDs though .... only 12 hours worth ... and non fantasy watching hubby is away .... hmmmmmmmmmmmm