of still more rain ... and beaches .... and sleeping in

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Date: 29 September 2007 23:43:44

I'd like to have actually SLEPT in to 7:30am on a Sunday ... just this once ... however somebody was awake at 5:10am and barking, so I had to get up and wop him with the rolled up newspaper. We had another round at 5:18am, which included him seeing me coming, stopping mid-bark and moving smartly into the kennel - however he's on a chain overnight so wasn't hard to get him out again and have a little chat about early morning barking at nothing at all on a Sunday and the impact it has on both me AND the neighbours and how we'd all appreciate it very very much if he'd CAN IT!

So he did ... until 7:10am ... which I figured was fair enough, so I got dressed and we went for a walk. He'd actually timed it very well as it had been raining until he barked, and it commenced to pour once we'd returned and I'd given him his breakfast. He's now throwing his dinner bowl around the yard and yipping, but that's fine - the 'children' down the back deserve a bit of an earlyish wakeup call to give them an idea of what we all put up with when they come back home at midnight and have a screaming argument, waking up every dog in town. I say they're about 12, in reality I think they're about 17'ish, obviously finished school and moved in together, very very young ... it's certainly a very immature relationship but hey, they might make a go of it.

The beach was lovely this morning, though we didn't walk on it as it was completely sogged, but it is nice to get the fresh ocean air :)