Of High Tides

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Date: 03 October 2007 10:57:38

We had an abnormally high tide last night. As the boy, the dog, and I went for our morning constitutional we decided we'd head along the beach today (we have a few different routes). As we walked up the track past the submarine cable markers we noticed the surf was really pumping ... well, HE noticed the surf was pumping and almost turned around on the spot and ran for the surfboard - I just thought it was quite big :)

As we progressed further, however, we realised there would be no walk along the beach today, as not only had the tide come up abnormally high, but it was STILL abnormally high and was hitting the back of the dunes ... not conducive to calm walkies!

So, we headed off on an alternate route through the park and across the bridges which span the creeks running through the beach and into the ocean. Tide had obviously been VERY high as the park was covered in large puddles, water was only 2 inches or so under the bridges, and we could see that it had come up about 8 inches ABOVE the level of the bridge. Quite amazing.

I missed what caused it all, but the weather lady on the ABC said that the tide last night was half a metre above normal - and said it would be again tonight. The world is weird and wonderful :)