of gardening ...again :)

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Date: 07 October 2008 10:57:43

Surprise surprise, was out in the garden again yesterday :)

After church on Sunday (which wasn't bad this week, a little bit over the top, but that may be more because we haven't been to church since the end of August, what with one thing or another!) we headed back up to the block, dropped off another load of branches (remnants from the tree removal at the shack) and decided it was too blustery to burn them (I really didn't want to start a bushfire in the Forestry block behind us!) so headed home to read the papers and relax. It came out beautifully sunny by 4pm so Mr Tasmania headed out to mow and I took advantage of the sun to move the bright red Kangaroo Paw from the pot that the Potato King had obliterated while we were away to a nice position in the garden outside the kitchen window.

Yesterday (Monday) I did a little bit more pruning (and put it all in the bin - which I know is probably environmentally irresponsible but it's too windy and dry to burn it, and our council does not do green waste collection - so what else can I do with it?) and then planted out a Corroborree Waratah (supposed to come out in a 3m shrub of bright orange red flowers). I also ‘planted' the dead pot, which is a lovely cobalt blue, in the front garden. I dug a hole and put it in at an angle, smashed side down, then planted a geranium (which I ‘think' is red - I lose track) and a white alyssum in the mouth of it ... hopefully the bunnies will leave them alone long enough to get established and they'll spill out and look lovely. The blue of the pot is already livening up that part of the garden.

I've struck about 35 more geraniums into little pots, and have about 20 which have taken root and need to be planted out. This may sound like a lot, but they're all different colours and foliage types, as well as some creeping and some scented, and they grow very well down at Sisters, so I'll be planting out heaps. And then, the more I have the more I can strike from to plant up at the block ... method in the madness! To this date I have not paid money for a single geranium on the place, and there are at least 15 well established bushes so far and, as I've mentioned, many more to go in ... love ‘em!