Of bad dogs and good boys

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Date: 03 October 2007 11:02:14

We've just gotten back from one of our evening walks, and JD had a big adventure - I think Mr TAsmania is more traumatised though. And I'm happily planning on yelling at a certain person down here at the top of my voice (and it's a hell of a big voice if I decide to let it go - I didn't grow up in the country for nothing, and there's genetics at work too!) if I see him with his dog off the lead again.

We - husband and dog and I - were walking along the side of the road this evening, dog on the lead, just sauntering along, when a guy and his dog (who has a reputation for biting people), another blue heeler a bit smaller and younger than ours, rode alongside - we turned to say hello, whereupon his mongrel dog flew at ours! Attacked with no warning! Mr Tasmania kicked it off and it went back in for another go - ours didn't make a noise and was obviously taken by surprise by the first attack, but at the second go decided to defend himself, and grabbed the other by the ear and held on - we had to prise his jaws apart - all this in deadly silence.

I told this guy what I thought of him and we took our dog off.

We're telling everyone to watch out for him and I've decided if I see him off the lead anywhere near me I'm just going to start yelling at him until he takes him away. If I'm in the mood I can be unembarrassable and I'm in the mood!

I cannot believe he lets it run around off the lead when it has a reputation for biting people and attacking dogs.