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Date: 06 October 2007 08:30:50

we're going to church tomorrow for the first time in about 6 weeks. Not through lack of wanting to go, but through holidays, awayness of husband, tiredness and one weekend of just plain couldn't be botheredness. I'd be bothered except i've put in a lot of hours over a lot of years and sometimes it's nice just to know that God is all around (there's a song in there somewhere) and we're happy, rather than we're in church and we're over it.

We've had a long weekend in this part of TAsmania, Friday was Day 1 of the Burnie Show, so Burnie and surrounds had the Friday off. I think I like long weekends with Friday off rather than Monday, as after Monday you've still got your week of work ahead, whereas after Friday you've got two more days off! And daylight savings starts down here tonight (or more technically, early am tomorrow).

My husband has just come in from mowing the lawn and asked if I have commented on his enormous amount of motorbike gear which has been littering the bathroom all week (as a result of above mentioned awayness of husband) ... I hadn't, but now I have, so he'll be happy :)

So, to take advantage of our long weekend, we decided to spend a lot of it doing stuff at the block, and not stopping until we were done - and were we tired yesterday! We put some chicken wire on fences and husband got on the rideon mower and mowed, a lot! I, in the meantime, bucketed and spread half a tonne (that's 500kg's) of pine bark mulch, to finish off around our 10 original grevilleas, and to start from the top of the driveway where the 25 next grevilleas and two (though only one at the moment) camellias are going to be. We went to the Oldina Native Nursery and picked up 19 more grevilleas - as the aforementioned 25 grevilleas were only 6 + 19 holes - and I planted those while husband followed with canes and grow bags to protect them from wallabies and bunnies and frosts.

We also took puppy in his new car harness for the first time - and he did really really well! He loves being in the car, but, as previously mentioned, we've have a minor problem with barking - just a teensy tiny problem of ear bleeding proportions. The car harness is great though, he doesn't mind wearing it, and is quite happy to have it put on him and hold him in the car ... and the barking is almost non existent now - so we can actually consider driving to the Highlands for Christmas now ... whereas before it was almost beyond contemplation.

Today we did the trip to the block again, and puppy behaved outstandingly. We (read, husband) chainsawed up a heap of trees which had fallen over a fence, and I helped stack them, and piled up the branches, as well as chucking bits over to the neighbours (they were actually their trees, so it was only fair to return as much as we could after all). Did a few more bits and pieces, then off to his mums to do some plaster work on their entry hall, which looks as if it has measles.

Now home, husband has mown lawn, we've hung out the washing, and now are going to stop!


Church tomorrow, boot sale on the foreshore, sydney papers and doing nothing - yay for Sunday!

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