Of platypiiii

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Date: 08 October 2007 10:53:40

We have seen their funny little tracks on the beach in the morning as we go for our walk with the dog. We've heard them plunk in to the creek on our approach. We've seen the ripples as they swim away. But we've never seen THEM.

Today, finally, we did - and we weren't even looking for them.

We took puppy for his morning walk, in the dark, as Daylight Savings has started in Tasmania, and we're back into walks in the dark (or near dark ... the sun's rays are just starting to peek over the hills). It was a bit chilly down on the beach, but a lovely walk. We walked up the beach and into the park, and turned right to cross the little bridge, then stopped on the big bridge to look back out over the sea, with the crescent moon and one big star - beautiful. As we stood there, with the creek rushing out to see beneath us, Mr Tasmania noticed something float out from under the bridge.

We squinted hard and just made out the shape of a large platypus! Who heard us exclaiming in surprise and ‘swoosh' disappeared under the water. We were discussing how great it was, how big he was, etc etc when, off to the right, out from under the bridge floated a second one! We watched this one all the way to the bank, where it disappeared under the water.

Very very cool.