Of more ... and pelicans

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Date: 09 October 2007 11:39:11

Yep, we saw the platypii again :) this morning - great stuff! Also a lone pelican (most unusual, Mr TAsmania can't remember seeing one down here before), and the blue heron. Nature is wonderful.

Not so wonderful are the dogs all going nuts tonight. We've given up and brought JD inside - he is a puppy after all, and just can't manage not to respond to all the other dogs going off. The red heeler (a red, yep, red version of the blue heeler) up the road is turning itself inside out barking - and I"ve got no idea what at!?!

Anyway, he's in the laundry, on his blankie (shredded but still good for sleeping on), and settled down and asleep already.

Looking forward to my parents arriving this weekend. It's my birthday on Sunday so they're making a 4 day trip down just to see me - aren't they cool!