Of tonsils

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Date: 10 October 2007 21:02:17

Mine suck. Well, at the moment they do. Yes, at nearly 37 I still possess my tonsils, despite many bouts of tonsillitis over the years. Any that have made it to the doctor have always been deemed not quite bad enough for removal ... and usually I'm glad, but today I'd cheerfully go under the knife!

Ah well ... they'll settle down in a few hours I'm sure, it doesn't usually last too long.

I have no intention of being sick for my birthday! First one I've spent with my boy - last year I spent it in Sydney and he spent it in Tasmania - though he phoned and had organised with my sister in law to give me a present on the day (good boy!), and I was heading down to Tassie the very next weekend. Looking forward to actually spending it with him this year. And my parents! Yay!

They've been very sneaky about how and when they're coming down ... I'm finishing work on Friday at 12:30 and heading home and apparently they'll already be there .... I've heard nothing about arrangements for them being picked up etc ... and I think I've decided they're driving to Melbourne and catching the Spirit of Tasmania, the big ferry that crosses Bass Strait from Melbourne to Devonport ... but Mr Tasmania is keeping mum and I don't want to winkle away and spoil it J

I get just as much fun out of guessing as a surprise J