Of things and desertions

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Date: 10 October 2007 21:02:46

Poor Mr Tasmania was deserted by his car pool this afternoon - left stranded at school - poor precious. Luckily I can detour from work to go and get him.

We have received the preliminary plans for our house as a pdf today, it's very exciting! I've printed it off at work and we'll take it home and pore over it. Mr Tasmania has a meeting with one of the draftsmen on Friday afternoon to ‘take levels' (our block has a few flat bits but not many, and the house is not being built on one of them) and then I guess it goes from there. I have to do a bit of a visualisation of each room so I can see if I want any changes ie one of the walls in the kitchen (internal) may need to be a little bit longer ... it's lots of fun!

Or it's fun at this point - once we have to make actual decisions on colours, tiles, tapes, splashbacks, bathtubs, carpets, curtains/blinds, built ins etc it may not be so much fun - more like hard work - but in the end it will be GREAT!