Of birthdays and holidays

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Date: 12 October 2007 11:02:36

My parents walked into the office about 10:15am this morning - very nice surprise! I'd guessed that they were coming down on the boat but was being very good and not making any more guesses - not that I'd meant to guess either, but it just sort of came to me.

So that was a lovely surprise - and I get to go home in half an hour (after picking up a lamb that we've bought on the way - a dead one sorry to the vegetarians, but it's time to fill the freezer again, and we do live in the country!) and have Monday off as well. So it's looking to be a lovely birthday weekend.

And my tonsils are nearly back to normal J

They really enjoyed their trip on the Spirit of Tasmania across Bass Strait, they upgraded from recliner beds to a cabin after dad realised that he was a pensioner and it was CHEAP! (they're very funny, love flashing the senior's card around at any opportunity - he's only 65 so he's going to get his money's worth out of it that's for sure - and I don't mind my taxes helping pay for all that, he was a school teacher, they all deserve danger money as far as I'm concerned)

After I got home we went up to the block so they could see our progress with planting, and for Mr Tasmania to meet with one of the draftsmen, to take levels for the plans.

We've just had dinner - silverside (corned beef), cabbage, carrot, mashed potato - yummo! And now we're all very tired and going to bed!